Dashboard overview

When you have a Texas Gateway account, you can personalize and organize the content you discover in your dashboard. To view your dashboard, go to Dashboard in the upper right corner of the site. Learn more about dashboard features below.




  • Edit your profile - To manage your account information and profile, click the Edit profile button. From here, you can edit your account information, choose a new password, or upload a profile picture.
  • View your favorite content - See the resources and binders you’ve saved as favorites.
  • Create and manage lists - Create and manage your own lists of resources. To make a new list, click Create new list and type the name of your list. As you browse resources, you’ll be able to add relevant resources to the list you’ve created. To manage your lists, use the Share, Rename, and Delete functions.
  • View your resource history - See a history of the resources you have recently viewed.
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